Guide full|Hướng dẫn Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil|Part1


Version Update

1.5 (15/09/2005)
Due to RL Events, I have not been able to update my guide or play the game much
because of lack of time. I thank those of you who have sent me mails, and you
should know that they have not been lost or forgotten, and that my guide will
be updated with any contributions I have received once I get time and life
settles down so that I can spend time on the guide again. Thanks again for the
emails, they are much appreciated.

1.4 (23/05/2005)
Added additional information about Third Boss Fight(Contributed by chipz88)

1.3 (14/05/2005)
Added the code and the health station in the locked door in Erebus Dig Site.
(Contributed by Colin)

1.2 (13/05/2005)
Added how to reach the locked door in Erebus Dig Site(Contributed by GBH_05)

1.1 (11/05/2005)
Added the emails from the PDA's received in the game.

1.0 (19/04/2005)
Full Walkthrough with most additional information done. Guide posted.

*** Table of Contents ***

Hint: Use the Code in the Brackets to quickly navigate this guide. Copy the
four letter word, hit CTRL+F and CTRL+V and then Search. You should then be
taken to the part of the guide you wanted.

01: Introduction................................[1INT]
02: Controls....................................[2CON]
03: Walkthrough.................................[3WAL]
Level 01: Main Excavation....................[3MAI]
Level 02: Erebus Dig Site....................[3EDI]
Level 03: Erebus Labs........................[3ELA]
Level 04: Erebus Control.....................[3ECO]
Level 05: Erebus Research....................[3ERE]
Level 06: Erebus Station.....................[3EST]
Level 07: Phobos Labs........................[3PLA]
Level 08: Phobos Labs 2......................[3Pl2]
Level 09: Phobos Labs 3......................[3Pl3]
Level 10: Phobos Labs 1......................[3Pl1]
Level 11: Delta Labs - Unknown...............[3DLU]
Level 12: Hell...............................[3HEL]
04: Weapons.....................................[4WEA]
05: Items.......................................[5ITE]
06: Monsters....................................[6MON]
07: Locker Codes................................[7LOC]
08: PDA Scripts.................................[8PDA]
09: Mini-Games..................................[9MIN]
10: Additional Info.............................[10AD]
11: Credits, Copyrights and Last Words .........[11CR]

*** 1: Introduction [1INT] ***

Welcome to my guide for Resurrection of Evil, the first Expansion pack for the
Great DOOM 3, released in 2004. This is my first real guide of this sort, so
it could probably use some work, but hopefully it it will be useful! I realize
that there will be things lacking and some errors, so I'll be grateful for any
contributions that helps the guide to become 100% correct.

My E-Mail address is, feel free to send me anything you like
to say about this guide, or to correct mistakes or add things, as long as you
keep it constructive and nice ;)

Anyway, here it is, I hope you'll enjoy it.

*** 2: Controls [2CON] ***

Resurrection of Evil plays like most normal FPS Games on the PC. But in case
you need a quick summary of the controls, here they are:


Forward W or Up Arrow
Backwards S or Down Arror
Move Left A
Move Right D
Jump Space or Mouse 2
Crouch C
Turn Left Left Arrow
Turn Right Right Arrow
Strafe Alt
Sprint Shift


Fists/Grabber 1
Pistol 2
Shotgun/Double Barrel 3
Machinegun 4
Chaingun 5
Grenade 6
Plasmagun 7
Rocket Launcher 8
Artifact Q
Flashlight F

Pressing F while wielding a weapon will swap to the Flashlight,
and pressing F while wielding the Flashlight will swap back
to the previous weapon.


Attack CTRL or Mouse 1
Previous Weapon [ or Mouse Wheel Up
Next Weapon / or ] or Mouse Wheel Down
Reload R
Look Up Page Down
Look Down Delete
Mouse Look \
Center View End
Zoom View Z or Mouse 3


Quick Save F5
Quick Load F9
Screenshot F12
Chat T
Team Chat Y
Toggle Team F6
Spectate F7
Ready F3
Vote Yes F1
Vote No F2
Drop Weapon Backspace

*** 3: Walkthrough [3WAL] ***

This walkthrough was done on Marine, the Medium Difficulty. You can follow this
walkthrough on both Recruit, Veteran and Nightmare, but be aware that the
amount of Monsters and the damage they do will differ greatly. If you have
big problems making it through Marine, play through it on Recruit, and then
come back to Marine. You will be surprised how much you have learnt and how
much better you have become.

I will also try to give you some suggestions on how to best take on the
different fights you'll end up in, and what weapons to use. If you are stuck
in a certain area, try the approach I've written as it is a bit more defensive
and will often work if you are low on Health. Most importantly is that you
analyze the situation on your screen yourself and take the appropiate action.

Anyway, here's my walkthrough for Marine Difficulty, which will guide you
all the way to the end.

* Level 01: Main Excavation [3MAI] *

Current Mission Objectives: Explore the Ancient Ruins

Okay, after watching the sweet introduction movie, you'll take the place as
the lone survivor, with the artifact in your hands. Right now, it's useless,
so just take up your gun instead.

Walk forward, and a small cutscene will occur. Sure doesn't look good.
In the cross section, head to the right, crouch down and head through the
small opening to find Shells and the Shotgun, and head back out. Equip the
pistol again. As you try to proceed forward, a Forgotten will come up from
the ground and fly towards you. Two shots with the pistol will kill it.
Watch out for the hole in the ground to your right and head around the
corner. Another Lost Soul comes towards you, kill it. Head around the corner
it came from, and towards the open room.

Look at the machine in the room. You can remove the Power Cell from it,
but hold on a second. Slowly head into the room first, and kill the three
Forgotten that spawn. Then head back to the machine and remove the powercell.
Everything goes dark, and you will have to find the next machine to insert the
powercell. Head forward, pick up the shells and the medkit on the ground.
Head towards the machine, insert the Power Cell, and things will lighten up.
Dr. McNeil will contact you on the radio, briefing you.

Current Mission Objectives: Bring the Artifact to Dr. McNeil
1: Gain access to Excavation Elevator

Pick up the Video Disk on the stone and the Two Packs of Bullets by the Body.
Look at the Video Disk if you like. The guy sure is a little late with his
Safety Instructions, now that the whole place has gone to hell. Anyway,
look to the left, you'll notice some plates going up. Jump on one of them just
as its coming up, and ride it up to the top. At the top, quickly jump of
to the right where the stairs are, and have the pistol ready.
Two lost souls will spawn and attack you. The first one can be a
bit hard to avoid, but kill them. Look to the right, you'll see a clearing
between the stones. Head up into it, and a Imp will spawn to the left.
Take out your shotgun, and wait til it comes close enough to one hit kill it.
Head towards the place the imp spawned, and jump onto the railing to the left
to find two packs of bullets and a Med Kit. Head back, around the corner,
and into the corridor. Pass the body on the floor, pick up two clips,
the Machine Gun and a Med Kit. Head into the glowing door.

Go into the room, and listen to the brooding music that plays,
before heading on to the circular platform. Jump carefully to the shelf
with the dead body to pick up Shells, and quickly head back to the
circular platform, equip the pistol and kill the two Forgotten that spawn.
It's much better to use the pistol on them since two shots will take them down.
Save Shotguns and Machine Guns to harder mobs. Head down into the room by the
stairs on the side, and two Imps will spawn. Take them out with your Shotgun,
and pick up the medkits on the right side of the pillar.

Jump over the rubble, and head towards the glowing door. You'll see a cutscene
with a soldier who uses a weapon to grab the Imp's fireball and throws back
at it. Unfortunately, the man gets wounded and cannot go on. Fortunately,
he gives you the weapon, the Grabber. The Grabber can be used in many
different ways. You can either grab fireballs and other non-bullet projectiles
and toss them back at the monster, you can grab stones and barrels and other
objects and throw them at monsters, or you can even grab and release the
smaller mobs like the trites and Forgotten which will kill them instantly.
You can also grab items from a distance, like Ammo and Health Packs.
It's easy to use the grabber, The Crosshair will change into a rotating symbol
whenever you can grab something, and then you can press and hold the
left mouse button to grab it. Release it to fire the object.

For fun, grab the poor soldier and toss him into something, and he will be
split in several pieces. When you are done playing around, head down the
circular stairs. Use the grabber to move the boxes blocking your way.
Head into the hole, and a Forgotten will appear. Wait til it flies
towards you, and grab it! Release it quickly though, and it will die instantly.
The Tunnel is dark, but there are no other monsters there. To the left is an
opening, and a Forgotten will spawn. Wait til it flies towards you, then
use the grabber to grab and release it. Into the opening, head to the right,
and another Forgotten appears. You should know how to deal with them by now.

Move the boxes with the help of the grabber, and head into the opening,
and follow the tunnel into a big room. When you enter it, follow the right
ledge to a nice suit of Armor. Head back left and follow the ledge,
and suddenly a pillar of flames burst out, and soon three Forgotten spawn.
If you can, try picking off one or two with the pistol before they can reach
you, and then grab the remaining ones. You might get hurt here, so grab
the medkit on the floor. Follow the ledge further to the left and down,
and you will find Shells and another Medkit. Now, go back to the stairs in the
middle of the room and ascend them. When you open the door, a Forgotten
will be waiting right behind it, so immediately kill it. As you head into
the narrow corridor, two Forgotten will spawn, one will come out from the wall
and is very hard to avoid, and the other will appear infront of you. Grab them
both and send them back to hell. Walk forward, and a Imp will appear.
Try grabbing one of his fireballs and shoot it back at him, it will kill him
instantly, otherwise take him out with the shotgun. I recommend getting used
to reflecting projectiles, since it will become very important later on.

Go slowly into the room with the pillars, and two lost souls will be waiting,
one to the right and one to the left. Kill them. As you head to the left to
pick up the medkit, two imps will spawn. Choose your way of eliminating them,
I'd say go back into the corridor and grab their projectiles and fire back at
them. They can't surround you in the corridor. When you have taken them out,
go back in, to the right and up the stairs. Two Forgotten will be in the room,
so kill them. To the Right is the Elevator! Head into the room to complete the
objective, but don't go into the elevator right now. To the right is a box
with two Shells and two Clips and on top of the shelf is a medkit.
You can grab it if you need the health. Otherwise, head into the elevator,
and exit the level.

* Level 02: Erebus Dig Site [3EDI] *

Current Mission Objectives:
1: Find the Exit

As you ride the elevator, all hell seems to break loose above you. Whatever it
is, it sure doesn't bode well for our lone marine. When you arrive at the top,
everything seems quiet though.

Step out of the elevator to find Shells and a Clip. Then, head around the
elevator, and up the stairs. Some good looking Grenades are lying on a Box.
Follow the bridge til the small building, and enter it. A Man will stick his
head out of a locker, and you can talk to him if you aim your crosshair at
the locker. There's a Health Station here, but you should not need it at the
moment. Remember it however. Pick up the Video Disk, the Shells and the PDA,
which upgrades your security clearance, and and proceed to leave the room.
The Room will glow red and the windows will shatter, and you can guess what
it means. As you exit the room, an Imp will climb the fence and start attacking
you. I will recommend using the Shotgun to take him out, since he is at a close
range. Another imp waits at the bridge, so turn and switch to the grabber,
and return his fireball to kill him. As you continue back over the bridge,
another Imp will climb the fence, so grab his fireball and throw it back.
As you head down the stairs, two Imps will appear from the dark and attack you.
Retreat back up and take them out one by one with the grabber.
If you loose health, head back to the room and refill.
Go back down the stairs, it should be safe there now. Head towards the door
that's half-open, and crouch down to pass it. Step forward and you'll be
introduced to the Vulgar, a Imp-like creature that is slightly stronger and
throws blue fireballs at you. They are defeated the same way, preferably by
using the grabber to reflect their fireballs, as it will kill them instantly.
Take care of the Vulgar by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Use the grabber to remove the boxes to the left of you, and you will find some
Armor Shards and a Med Kit. Then, head out in the main part of the room and
around the corner to the door. Access the Door Terminal to Scan your PDA,
which will open the door. Proceed through the small corridor, and enter the
next room. Pick up the Armor Shards by the door, and head forwards to meet
a Vulgar. Grab his fireball and let him have it. As you walk further,
The room will start to blink red, and a trite will appear in the distance.
Wait for it to come closer(But not too close) and grab him with your Grabber.
Quickly release it, and it will be instant killed. You don't have to actually
Grab it, just tap the left mouse button to fire the grabbing beam at it, and
release it to kill it. Just like the Forgotten. I doubt you will need more
health now, but there is a med kit on a crate to your left as you go further.

If you haven't saved by now, I really suggest you do it now. It's Boss Time!


He looks much tougher than he is. I really hope you are getting used to
grabbing, aiming and shooting with the Grabber, because the only way to kill
this guy, is by grabbing the green plasmaballs that are shot out by the two
cannons on each side of the room, and firing at the Hunter. It will take
approx. four hits to kill him, and you'll know he is hit when he screams.
Hang in there, and learn his teleportation pattern so that you can avoid him.
As a reward for defeating him, your artifact is now upgraded with the first
ability, Slowing Down Time. This will let you move as quickly as normally, but
everything else around you will slow down really much.


When you have defeated him, you will be contacted by Dr. McNeil. After the
transmission, head to the right side of the room to the glowing door. Enter
the next room, to find two bodies that are glowing. The Artifact is charged
with human souls, so you need to refill it. It can hold up to three souls,
and one soul is one usage of the artifact. Anyway, go down and take up the
Artifact, and stand close to the bodies. The Artifact will recharge, and you
can see how many charges you have by the amount of Artifact Symbols in the
bottom of the screen. There's also a Med Kit here, which you will probably
need, so grab that one too, and proceed to the next room.

The next room lets you put the Artifact to good use. There are some moving
walls that you need to pass, so save your game first, and then activate the
Artifact once. The walls that was moving fast now barely moves at all, so just
pass the walls either infront of you or to the left. The best time to move is
just as the wall closest to you is opening up, just run as fast as you can
past the three walls. If you took the left turn, quickly turn right and do
the same with the walls to the right, and run towards the door.
If you went straight ahead, turn left and pass the walls to your left, and
then turn right towards the door. You'll see a Z-Sec Zombie coming out the
door, but since time still is slowed down, he won't have time to react,
so just run straight up in his face and take him out with a shotgun blast.
Time should now return to normal.

Enter the room, and head to the right opening to find a Med Kit and Shells.
Then, head to the Power Cell Generator, but don't remove the cell yet.
Activate the Artifact, then remove the cell and quickly run through the
closing door and past the next one.

Current Mission Objectives.
1: Find the Exit, Call Main Elevator.

As you enter the room, and time returns to normal, your Mission Objective
will be updated, and you will suddenly hear a man scream for his life. Nasty.
Walk along the bridge, turn right and you'll see a door blocked by some
boxes. Use the grabber to move them so that you can enter the door.
When you enter the room, go slowly, because an Imp will suddenly jump infront
of you. Either use the grabber to reflect his fireball, or use the shotgun.
Refill the Artifact from the body by the computer, and head left into the
corridor. A Vulgar will spawn at the end of it, so just play it cool and
reflect his fireball.

Enter the door at the end, pick up the hand grenades and take up your Machine
Gun. There's a Z-Sec Zombie in this room which will appear and start shooting
at you with his machine gun, so quickly take him out. As you head towards the
place he stood, an Imp will spawn. Back up and use the grabber to kill him.
Head towards the computer terminals, and another Imp will appear, so just do
the same thing to him. Opposite the Computer Terminal, there's a Health
Station, so use it if you need it. Head into the yellow door when you are
ready for more action, and keep your grabber up. An Imp is waiting on top of
the stairs, so grab his fireball and send it back. Go Up the stairs to find
Armor Shards and Shells, and then head into the next room.

Refill your Artifact with any of the bodies, and prepare for a fight. First,
An Imp will appear, so kill it with the Grabber. Then, two Vulgar's will spawn
and they can cause a problem. Hopefully you can kill them both before they get
too close, but if they do, take up your shotgun and put an end to their ugly
faces. If you were hurt, don't hesitate going back to the room with the Health
Station to refill. Back to the room you left, there's a Storage Cabinet here!
The Code is in the PDA you found, but if you missed it, it's 516. Inside the
Cabinet you'll find Grenades, Shells and Clips.

You will notice that there's a door you cannot open, with some lockers inside.
I had missed this part and couldn't seem to find the solution for it myself, so
Big Thanks to GBH_05 for the info about reaching the room!

"Face the locked door, turn around and you will be looking at two freight
elevator doors, the left of them being half opened. When you carefully crouch
under the half opened door, you should see a ladder to your left. Climb it up
and crawl through some vents and you will eventually drop into the locked room.
Here you'll find another locker, and a PDA."

Colin adds that the locker inside this room(028) has code 516, and a 100
Health Station. Thanks Colin!

After that, head into the other opening of the room. There's a
Med Kit by the door if you need it, or else you can head through the door.
Three Z-Sec's will soon notice you, so back up into the room with the locker
and wait for them to come one by one. Take them out with either the Shotgun
or the Machine Gun, and refill the ammo that they drop.
Head into the room, and look for Ammo. There's Shells on the Boxes in the
Middle of the Room, use the Grabber to get it.

Head into the next room, and have your Machine Gun ready. A Z-Sec will greet
you with a shower of bullets, so quickly take him out before he does too much
damage. There's also an Imp and another Z-Sec in the room, just around the
corner. Take them both out. There's a medkit in the right part of the room, so
grab it because most likely you will need a refill after the hectic battle.
Head down to the lower level, and crouch under the stairs to grab some Armor
Shards. As you reach out for the tempting Shards, an Imp will spawn, so quickly
take out your Grabber and kill it. Head up the stairs, and into the door.

This is a big room. As soon as you enter, an Imp will appear to your right, so
quickly take it out. There's a health pack where it appeared. Head to the left
and down the small stairs, and to the left. There's a body, PDA which updates
your Security clearance and a Med Kit.

As you approach the currently unavailable Elevator, All hell breaks loose. A
Forgotten spawns infront of you, and two Vulgar's spawn at the same time. This
is a really tricky situation, as you will have very little time to avoid the
monsters. You can activate Slow Down Time if you want though, this should make
everything easier. Try to Grab the Forgotten, and then equip the Shotgun and
hunt down the two Vulgar's. After you have taken them down, either get the
Med Kit by the body if you didn't take it, or backtrack to last one.
Chances are you have lost some Health.

When you have restored your health, head to the Panel on the wall to scan the
Security Clearance of your PDA. It will lower a Ladder, which you can use to
climb to the higher level. Enter the door, and you'll see a Z-Sec. Take him out
with the Machinegun, and refill any eventual health with the Med Kit on the
floor by the Body. If you used the Artifact, recharge it.
Make sure you check the floor where you killed the Z-Sec, as there will be
a clip there. Now enter the door in this room.

Be ready with the Artifact. As soon as you enter the room, and the room becomes
red, you'll see two Vulgar's spawning. As soon as you can, activate Slow Down
and be aware. Barrels will fall down into the room, and one explosive will fall
beside one of the Vulgars. Quickly focus on the barrel, which will kill one of
them. Then, use the Grabber to reflect the fireball at the other one. After the
Monsters are dead, head to the stack of boxes and climb them to the bridge.
You might have to rearrange some, but this shouldn't be too hard now that you
have the Grabber. On the Second Floor, you will find Armor, Shells and a
Body you can recharge the Artifact with. Jump down and head towards the door in
the small part of the room.

Go to the Machine and Insert the Power Cell. Then go to the Computer Screen
and click on the "Call Lift" Button. This will complete your Objective.
There's a Health Station here if you need it, so take your time to refill your
health. When you are done, head slowly out the door. A Vulgar have appeared,
so use the grabber to kill him. There are two Z-Secs in the back of this room,
take them out and head back to the room with the Health Station to refill
before continuing. Exit out to the room again, turn right and into the next
room. Head into the next Door and a Z-Sec will be waiting for you.
Take him out with the Machinegun. As you head towards the ladder,
three Forgotten will spawn, but you will have time to take them out, either by
the pistol or the grabber. As always, if you are injured, head back and use
the Health Station. It's much better to spend one minute regaining health than
having trouble the next five minutes. When you descend the ladder, two new
Forgotten will spawn, take them out with the grabber. Then, head to the now
available Elevator, click on The Erebus Labs Destination and go into it and
Exit the Level.

* Level 03: Erebus Labs [3ELA] *

You'll begin the level with an elevator ride. This time, it's more comfortable
than the last one, but don't let your guard down. There's pain to come. As the
elevator stops, exit it to pick up Clip, Shells and Bullets. Elizabeth will
contact you over the Radio, informing you of your next Objective.

Current Mission Objectives:
1: The Primitive, Artifact Storage

As soon as the Mission Objective has been updated, things will heat up,
and five Forgottens will spawn in different directions. Be quick and move
around as you grab each one. If you are hurt, you can head to the far left
of the cavern where the big shelf is. You can climb on the side and find
a Med Kit on the top. Then head to the building to the right, where you'll
first find some shells by the explosive barrels, and then you can head up the
stairs to find a body to charge the artifact and a Med Kit. Head down,
and climb the huge shelf on the right side of the stairs to find Clip and
Body Armor. When you have grabbed all the items you need, head up the stairs
to the glowing door and enter it.

To the left, there's a spiraling stairway you can take down, but before you go,
equip the Shotgun, because things will become hot. To your right as you come
down, a Wraith will be waiting, two will spawn infront of you, and unless you
immediately back up back to the stairs, one will spawn behind you. So, back to
the stairs and take them one by one with the shotgun. This should take care of
the Wraiths. Head back to the room where they spawned, pass the place where
the wraiths spawned, and look to the right. A Trite will come toward you,
so equip the grabber and kill it. As you head up the stairs where the Trite
appeared, four new Wraiths appear, so blast them with your shotgun. Use their
teleport to your advantage, as soon as you see them appear from the teleport,
fire at them just as they appear. One Shotgun blast is enough. Head up to the
the stairs and take to the left. Grab the Clip, Shells and the Med Kit,
and recharge the Artifact if you need. Then head trough the door. A Trite will
be waiting, so quickly grab it, and back out into the previous room, equip
the shotgun, turn left and blast the spawned Wraith. Then, head back into the
room the Trite appeared, and follow the hall. Take out the Trite, and the two
spawning Wraiths. Then climb the Shelf to find Armor Shards and Med Kits.
Jump down and continue through the door.

Grab the PDA, and the room will change. Blue Spikes will shoot out from the
walls, and a path will appear. I highly recommend saving now, as this might
take several tries. What you have to do, is to activate Slow Down, and get to
the end of the path. There are spots where the spikes are not travelling,
so stop at those spots to get an overview of how to run. Do not try to take it
in one run, as you won't make it. Take it easy, but not too slow, and you
should make it past to the other side.

After you've passed the trap, follow the path til you reach some stairs.
Ascend them to witness a vision of Hell, and a Vulgar will spawn. Take it out
by the usual method. Climb the big Shelf to find Med Kit and a Clip. Under the
stairs to the building there's some Armor Shards. There are some bodies you can
use to recharge the Artifact. Enter the room to get the next Objective.

Current Mission Objectives:
1: Artifact Storage - Inside this facility is a tablet that Dr. McNeil needs
to further her study. Make your way to Artifact Storage.
2: Power Cells - Locate two power cells to enable the Artifact Storage
filtration system and activate it.

To the right you can pick up Two Shells and a Clip, to the left you can pick up
some Med Kits. They will most likely be needed now, because 2 Z-Secs will
appear, and a Vulgar will spawn afterwards. Take them out the best way you can,
and refill your health. Head down the stairs, grab any dropped ammo, and head
towards the corridor. A Vulgar will spawn, so kill it. Use the grabber to grab
the Armor in the Broken Elevator, and head to into the left turn of the
corridor. There's two doors here, one requires Security Clearance, so head into
the other one. You'll find Shells and Clip in box on the floor. After grabbing
those, head into the elevator to the Medical Labs. As you exit the Elevator,
two Z-Sec's will appear from the door, so kill them and grab their ammo.
Head into the room, sure is messy in there. There's a Storage Cabinet here, but
you don't have the code yet (It's 769 if you're impatient). So head to the
other side of the room, kill the Z-Sec that comes out of the door. Use the
Medical Station if you are hurt, and head into the next door. Look at the sweet
pipes, and then go into the next door.

If you look to the left, you'll witness some Zombies being exposed to some
X-Ray treatment! Anyway, they hunger for your flesh, and we can't allow that.
Have some fun with the braindead, so use the grabber to grab the small cabinet
to your left, and throw it at wthe Zombies til they explode in a shower of
blood. A Fatso appears from a corner as you continue into the room, so throw
him a welcome gift. Continue into the next room, and you'll meet a survivor!
Or is it...? He's seemingly so happy to see you that he comes to hug you,
but that will most likely hurt, so finish him off with some quick shots to his
head. Grab the PDA on the computer desk to update security clearance,
and to learn the code to the Storage Cabinet!

Then, head to the Power Cell Generator to remove the Power Cell and the room
will go dark. Equip the Grabber, and head into the previous room, turn right
and a Vulgar will spawn. Let him have it! Head towards the door, and another
Vulgar will spawn, so take him out. When you enter the next room with the
Health Station, two Vulgar's will spawn, so take them out with the grabber.
Refill any lost health. Head back to the Storage Cabinet, and punch in the code
769 to grab some Bullets, Grenades and Shells.

Head back into the first room with the elevator, and ride it back down to the
first level: Excavation. Get that shotgun ready, cause as soon as the doors
open, a Vulgar is ready to attack you. Blast him at close range to kill him
with one shot, and then head out the door. If you lost too much health on him,
head into the long corridor and up the stairs, where there should be some med
kits left. Hopefully you will be back up at 100 Health. Now, continue back to
the door with the Security Clearance, and Scan it to gain access.

Head over to the body and grab his PDA, which will also upgrade your Security
Clearance. He is kind enough to write the code to Sarge's old case, 428.
At the end of the room you can see the door to the Artifact Storage, but you
don't have the access to it yet. Enter the only open door, and you will meet
some braindead Zombies. In order to save some ammo, lure them out to the room
you just came from, and use the grabber to kill them with some of the barrels
that are located in the room. Then, head back into the room they came from,
and go to the door named "Offices". Grab Grenades, Shells and Clips from the
Shelf, and climb up the Ladder. There's a health station at the top which you
can use if you want. When you are healthy, head out the door.

There are four zombies here, and you can freely choose the way of killing, but
for a change I'd recommend Grenades. You might get several zombies in one
Grenade, instead of using several shells or many bullets. When you are done
wrecking havoc, head through the door and pass the small corridor. You'll see
someone kill a Zombie in a room, but before you go there, look to the right.
A Z-Sec is waiting for you, so finish him off with a long range gun like the
Machinegun before moving to the left and through the door.

First of all, there's the first mini-game to be found here. Sarge's Big Game
Hunt is in the corner of the room, and you can play as much as you like. More
information about it is in the Mini-Games section.
Then, there's Shells and bullets to pick up, and finally there's the weapon
of all dreams: The Double Barreled Shotgun. You have been waiting for this
moment, ever since you last time held it in your arms in Doom 2. Unlock Sarges
Locker with the code 428, and grab the most beautiful weapon in the game. Feel
free to do the good old Doom guy grin. Don't forget to take the Admin key in
his locker.

You can now swap between the Single Barrel and the Double Barrel by pressing
"3" repeatedly. However, as powerful as the Double Barrel is, you might want to
think about using single shell shots against weaker enemies to save shells.

Now, back to the action. Before you leave his office, check out the picture on
the Wall with Sarge and a Bear, probably the same that hangs in his Office.
Head out the door, and go past the place where you killed the Z-Sec Soldier.
Now that you have the key, you can scan at the terminal to unlock it and
proceed. There's a Med Kit on the Shelf, Clip and Shells in the Ammo Box on
the floor, a body on the floor, and the second Power Cell. Grab it. As the
system powers down, two Zombies burst out into the room. It's time to test the
new toy, so enjoy the boom from the Double Barreled Shotgun as you blow them
to hell. In the future, I would recommend not using two shells on one zombie,
but for now it's pure pleasure. Another zombie comes waltzing from outside
the door, so kill him any way you want. As you try to leave the room and enter
the corridor, another zombie appears. Kill it. Head to the door that leads to
the small corridor and enter it. The door behind you will lock and everything
will become red. Tons of Zombies will start coming towards you, and you can
solve this in many ways. This is an excellent chance to use some of that pistol
Ammo you've been saving, but you might not be able to hold everyone of them
back, so anyway that works is good. Once they are dead, the screen will become
normal, and you can head past the pipes, through the door, recharge any lost
health and climb down the ladder.

Equip your Grabber, and proceed out the door. A Vulgar will spawn and open
the Artifact Control Door, and you should be able to grab his fireballs and
kill him before he gets close. Once you enter Artifact Control, you'll hear
some girl breathe heavily and two new Vulgar's will appear in the next corridor
that you are going through.

Enter the door and pick up the Body Armor on the floor and the Med Kit on the
Computer Desk. Then, you can insert both Power Cells into the Power Cell
Generator, and go over to the computer screen and press "Vent Gas". This will
complete the second objective, but don't be too lazy now, as two Z-Sec's will
storm the room and try to kill you. Quickly take them out before they can do
too much damage, and head out the door. A Vulgar will spawn when you enter the
Corridor, so take it out with standard Procedure. As you near the door,
A Z-Sec will start shooting at you, and he's not fooled so easily. Wait til he
ceases fire, equip the shotgun and storm him. Hopefully he won't have time to
react before you blow him up. If you are hurt, take your time up the stairs and
recharge your health.

No matter what, go into the room between Artifact Control and Offices, and a
Z-Sec will appear. Take him out, and head to Artifact Storage. Go down into
the center of the room, grab the PDA and the ammo from the shelves, and go to
the Artifact at the wall to complete your objective. As you move, three
Vulgar's spawn, so take them out, and finally the zombie that appears from the
door. Open the door he came from, and two other Zombies waits for you.
Take them out any way you want, but remember old Doom 2 level, Barrels O'fun.
Enter the next room, grab the Med Kit and the Armor Shards, and finally open
the Bay Door. Now you can exit the level!

* Level 04: Erebus Control [3ECO] *

The door opens, and you are getting deeper inside the Erebus Complex. A Huge
Fan hums loudly, and some really nice shadows bathe the room. Be prepared!
As you enter the room, you hear a friendly voice. A Man high up in the room
gives you your next objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Find Dr.Cloud
1: Power the Lift
-Find 2 power cells to activate the lift that leads into the ventilation system

You'll find Shells in the Ammo box on the left side, medkits on the shelves
and the Power Cell Generator in the right side of the room. Head up the stairs
and a Imp will pop up. Let him taste his fireball and turn around to open the
door. A Fat Zombie will come after you, so take him down. Two Z-Sec's will be
waiting for you inside the room, and can be abit hard to take out without
getting hurt. Try tossing a grenade to weaken them, this will also cause them
to get closer to the door, making it easier to hit them. If you are hurt, there
are enough med kits in the first room to make up for it. In the left side of
the room, there are some Armor Shards and Bullets. When the room is clear, head
out the next door. Some Roof Plates will suddenly fall down, and a Vulgar comes
down! Lead him back to the previous room and take him out with the grabber.
Enter the room again, and grab Security Armor underneath the hanging body.
Crouch under the flame, and be on your guard, a Vulgar appears. Take him out
and head to the only door that can be opened at the moment. Enter it, and walk
towards the next door. Watch out, an Imp is waiting for you, so blast it with
your Shotgun. Back into the room, a Z-Sec is taking cover behind a Barrel,
and he can be hard to take out. Try a Grenade, but if that doesn't help, use
the machinegun and aim for his head, or see if you can hit the explosive
Barrel behind him. Watch out, once you reach his location, a Vulgar will spawn
behind you. Quickly kill it. As you turn around again to take a peak at the
Storage Cabinet, an Imp will appear behind you, so take care of it. Turn around
towards the Storage Cabinet but head to the left. All the way at the end there
are some Grenades for you to pick up. Head back to the Storage Cabinet. There's
no code for it yet, so you have to find one.

Turn around to where the Imp Appeared, and then take left. Down the Stairs
you'll see a gross tunnel, that's where you are heading. Go through it, and
watch out for the Imp to the right. Take it out, and turn left to stop the
crazy Z-Sec Zombie shooting you from behind the fence. Another Z-Sec will
appear to the right, so deal with them as good as you can. If you are hurt, you
can then grab the med kit on the ground. As you head up the stairs, two Vulgars
will spawn, so use the grabber to kill them. Go past the stairs and turn left,
up the other set of stairs and look to your left. A bunch of barrels and boxes
are blocking an area, so move them to reveal a Med Kit, Shells and Clip. As you
approach the door by the flame, an Imp will appear from the darkness. Show him
what you have learned so far! Then, enter the door and head up the stairs. A
Zombie will suddenly(And dangerously close) lounge towards you, so kill it with
the shotgun. There's a PDA on the floor which will update your security
Clearance, so grab that one, and scan yourself at the door. Go through it, and
take to the left. There's a Health Station there! If you checked the PDA, you
will also notice that he was kind enough to write the code to the Storage
Cabinet, which conveniently is just below the health station. Jump down and
enjoy the two shells with Code 937.

Head back into the gross tunnel, cross the stairs, take left up the nest set
stairs and turn right. Scan your Security Clearance by the Door, and it will
open. When it does, a Z-Sec will see you, and come running. Greet him with a
shotgun blast or a rain of bullets, and enter the room. Then, enter the door
closest to the right. A Zombie is obviously too dumb to understand the game
doesn't work anymore, so teach him a lesson. There's a Med Kit on the floor.
Turn right and walk into the room, and a Imp will jump towards you. Take him
out quickly before he can do any damage. On the floor there's Security Armor
and a large pack of Shells, definitely worth the visit into the room. Head
back out, and turn to the right, up the stairs, and two Vulgar's will appear
and attack you. They are easy targets for your Grabber. Head into the door to
the right, pick up the Shells and the Clip on the left side of the floor, turn
right and the room will become red. Three Zombies and a Imp will appear, so
quickly kill them before they can surround you. A Small locker is conveniently
placed nearby, use that to kill the Zombies, while using the Shotgun to take
out the Imp.

Exit the room and head further in, and a crashing sound will reveal a burning
Zombie rushing toward you. If you have the distance, some pistol shots will
easily take him out, saving more valuable ammo. There's only one door left in
this room, so enter it. Two Z-Sec's will appear, take them out. If you are hurt
retreat back to the previous room, and enter the small room with the orange
blinking light. There's a med kit there. Then, proceed back to the room with
the Z-Sec's. Some Ammo will be on the floor, probably from the Z-Sec's, so feel
free grabbing it. You can't enter the door to the left yet, so continue into
the hallway til you find Grenades and a Med Kit. Turn around and enter the Door
and then enter Excavation Transfer. A Vulgar will spawn, take him out. Grab the
PDA and you'll also get a new Mission Objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Find Dr.Cloud
1: Power the Lift - Find 2 power cells to activate the lift that leads into
the ventilation system.
2: Start Dig Site Lift - Locate a power cell to start the lift
the lift in Excavation Transfer

Nothing more to do here right now, so head back the way you came, and scan
yourself on the Security Clearance Terminal at the door. It will open and you
can go inside. Two Zombies will stagger towards you, so take your time with
them. Head to the left past the Flame, and two Z-Sec's will attack you. Put an
end to their misery and grab the ammo they drops. Remove the Power Cell from
the Power Cell Generator, and the room will grow dark, and two Vulgar's will
spawn. They should not be too much of a problem, but if you're hurt, there's a
med kit by the flame. Around the corner you'll find a Storage Cabinet, the code
is 937. Grab the content, and get out the door.

You will see a Vulgar come out the door to Excavation Transfer, so wait til it
comes into firing range, and show him how dangerous his fireballs can be,
before heading into the door he came from. A Z-Sec will be on the other side of
the room, so kill it with a precise long distance weapon like the Machine Gun.
Then, head to the Power Cell Generator and insert the Power Cell. Good, the
Second Objective is completed and the Elevator is working. Just as a precaution
save before taking the elevator. Ride one of the platforms, turn 180 degrees
and quickly get off before you are squashed.

There's only one door here, so enter it. A Med kit is on the ground, so grab
it if you need it, otherwise continue into the hallway. Open the door, and you
will see a Z-Sec guarding a position. When he notices you, he'll run towards
the door, so back up, and storm back in to surprise him. He won't live to see
another day. There's a Zombie in the back of the room, sitting on a couch.
Point the flashlight at him and he'll wake up, so shoot him before he gets
close. Lots of snacks in this room. Turn 90 degrees to the left and you should
see a small hidden part of the room with Armor Shards and a full Health Machine
waiting to be used! Back up the the center of the room, and look to the left
you should see a PDA on the ground by a body. Grab it and two Vulgars will
spawn behind you. Try your best to avoid damage, but there's a sweet health
Station waiting for you so don't panic if you get hurt. Focus on taking them
out as soon as possible. On the table you'll find Shells, on the floor beside
it you'll find bullets. Head over to the place where the Z-Sec first stood and
enter the Door. To the left there's a Z-Sec waiting for you, so aim for his
head and he should go down quickly. Go to the place he stood, and you'll find
the second(and best!) mini-game, the "Hellanoid"! More info in the Mini-Games
part. Before taking some time to play it, clear out the room by the kitchen
table. There's a Z-Sec in there behind a crate. Now, head back into the
kitchen and you can enjoy some sweet Hellanoid!

When you are done with Hellanoid, continue to the room where you killed the
Z-Sec, and enter the door there. A Imp will crawl up and attack you, so kill
it quickly before it can do any damage. There's a chance you have lost some
health by now, so just to be sure, backtrack two rooms and use the Health
Station to refill any lost health. Then, come back to the room you just came
in. Pass the barrels and descend the stairs, and scan the Security Clearance
by the Door to open it. There's a Med Kit there, take it if you need it, then
release the Bridge and cross it while having your Grabber equipped. A Vulgar
will spawn infront of you, so make short work of it. To your right there is a
ladder, which you can use to climb down. There's a Power Cell Generator waiting
for you when you get down, so remove the Power Cell, and turn around to face
the wall, a Zombie will burst out from it, and two of his Zombie Buddies will
join too. When they are gone, head back out and up the stairs and into the door
to get to the room you were in earlier. A Zombie will climb up on your left,
so take him out quickly. There's nowhere else to go now, so turn right from the
door, crouch under the flame and quickly counterattack the spawned Vulgar. Head
into the door, and kill the Imp and the Vulgar that appears in the room. Then
take the next door, head forward, left and down the stairs and insert the
Power Cells into the Power Cell Generator. The First Objective is now complete!
If you were hurt on the way here, grab any remaining Med Kits that are left,
and then raise the Elevator and climb the ladder. Follow the path to the end,
past a ladder to your right, til you find a Clip and a Body. Then go back to
the ladder and descend it. Crouch in order to fall through the hole, pick up
the armor shards and refill any health at the Health Station. Then, head to the
elevator, and set your destination to Erebus Research and enter it. Activate
the Elevator to exit the level!

* Level 05: Erebus Research [3ERE] *

Things are about to get really dirty and hard. As soon as you exit the elevator
two imps will spawn and pummel you with fireballs. Try dodging them while
responding fire. Once the Imps are gone, three Vulgar's will spawn, making
things even harder. This is one place where hunting them down with the shotgun
can be better than using the grabber, there will be too many fireballs at the
same time to focus on catching and aiming. So, run down, as soon as the imps
spawn, take out the explosive barrels next to them and then try to kill the
Vulgar's immediately as they spawn. Watch out for the nosey Zombie that joins
the party. Things are about to get far worse, so don't relax yet. To the left
behind some grates there's Shells, up on the small bridge to the left there's
some med kits and behind some grates far to the right there's some Armor
Shards. After you have stocked up the goods, head into the only open door and
kill the two Zombies that comes after you. Pick up the Shells on the floor,
notice the door that requires an ID Scan and continue further. Two imps will
appear, so take them out with the grabber. Under the pipe to the right you'll
find some Grenades, and then head for the door. Head left and up the stairs,
and then turn right and go into the door, and enjoy the cutscene which should
clear up a thing or two. Another good thing, is that you get access to the
Armory you just passed, so get on to it. You'll soon see a Flashlight Zombie
slowly walk down the stairs, so take your time to kill him with the Pistol
before he can reach you. Head up the stairs and open the door. You'll see a
Zombie come towards you, so kill him quickly and change to a better weapon,
cause a Vulgar will also appear. End his miserable life. After the Vulgar is
dead, try to go down the stairs in the room and you'll see an Imp. Take him
out and proceed down the stairs and to the left, head to the ammo box and grab
the Shells. Then go down the stairs to the right, take the Armor Shards and
refill your health at the Health Station and climb the stairs and exit the
door to your right. Proceed forward and a Zombie will walk towards you, kill
it quickly and be ready to reflect the fireballs at the Vulgar. Continue along
the way til you reach the ammo box, quickly grab bullets and Shells and turn
right to face another Vulgar. When he's done, head towards the door, but turn
180 to face yet another Vulgar that spawns behind you. Now head into the door,
and one Imp followed by two Vulgar's will spawn, but you have the advantage.
They have to round a corner, where they will usually stop up to fire a fireball
at you, which you can easily reflect back at them. When they are dead, follow
the way to the door and go through it. An Imp will be at the bottom of the
stairs, so just wait for him and let him have it. At the bottom of the room you
will also find a PDA, Grenades and a Med Kit. Grab what you need and go out the

Prepare for another hectic fight. Two Imps and Three Vulgars will spawn, but
they are easier now than last time due to the layout of the room. Don't play
with them, hunt each one down with the shotgun and Slow Down time, and you
should not have any problems. Pick up the Armor Shards and the Med Kit hidden
by some crates and barrels, but don't go out the door by the stairs yet. Turn
around and head right, where you'll see a Fence. Now, use the grabber or just
the laws of physics to move a box to the big box by the fence so that you can
climb it. You'll find a Med Kit, a Big box of Shells and a Clip. Head back
over the fence by climbing the boxes, and run to the door by the stairs.
Scan your Security Clearance, and quickly get out your grabber to kill the
three Imps that starts attacking you. Follow the platform and head into the
door. Turn left and you'll see the armory, but immediately turn back because
a Imp will spawn. Kill it and scan the ID Panel to enter the Armory.

You'll get a new Objective once inside, and a Vulgar will spawn and attack you
so quickly kill it and then study your new objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Phobos Labs
1: Surface Access - Get the enviroment suit and follow the waste tunnels to
the cargo station on the surface.

Grab the PDA in the locker to your right, pick up the shells between the
shelves to the left, use the health station if needed, pick up the Chaingun
and the ammo and go through the door. Follow the path and the stairs, and
save your game before going through the door.

As you enter the Door, a cutscene will play where the Marine picks up a helmet
and heads out the door. You'll notice that the oxygen will be slowly dropping,
so get moving! You will need to make your way through the sewers, and in order
to keep your Oxygen up you must grab Enviro Tanks that is spread around the
room and drops of Biohazard Zombies.

There's little time to stop up, so quickly head down the stairs and kill
the Zombie to the Left and grab the tank that he drops. Proceed over the bridge
and turn right, run along the ledge and turn right to another bridge. Beware, a
Cherub will spawn on the bridge, quickly take him out on the bridge! Head on
to the left, take out the next Cherub, and head down the stairs and grab the
Enviro Tank. Take out the Maggot to the right, and the two Biohazard Zombies
to the left, and grab their tanks. Turn around and head forwards.

Now things will become hard. Very hard. You only have a limited time before
you have to find more Enviro Tanks, so you must constantly hurry up. A Maggot
comes towards you, kill it quickly. Two Cherubs will spawn and rush you, and
to make things worse, a Mancubus will spawn! Well, you don't have a choice.
Equip the Chaingun and kill the Cherubs. Equip the Double Barrel Shotgun and
and then activate the Slow Down. Dance with the Mancubus, and take him out
before the Slow Down runs out. Then, proceed into the big door behind him,
turn left and into the next door.

Kill the three Maggots that wait for you, grab the med kit by the stairs.
Head up the stairs, quickly rush along the path killing the Cherubs and
Maggots that spawn. Time will start running out, but follow the path and two
Biohazard Zombies will be on top of some stairs to your left. Kill them,
grab the Enviro Tanks and grab all the yummy supplies that wait for you there.
Quicksaving now is recommended.

Head back down the stairs, over the bridge, kill the Cherub, head to the right
and grab the Enviro Tank, turn left and head towards the stairs down, and
another Mancubus will spawn. The best you can do here, is to wait til he
passes and then quickly run into the door infront of you. Enter the next door,
and kill the two Maggots on the ground and the Biohazard Zombie up on the
Stairs. Grab the Med Kit, Ammo Belts and his Enviro Tank, head up the stairs
and follow the ledge, grab the Enviro Tank before crossing the bridge, run
over it and down to the left. Enter the door infront of you, kill the Cherub
in the small room and enter another big room. Kill the Maggot, run to the
stairs, grab the Ammo, run up the stairs and kill the Cherub. Head over the
Bridge to the left, then turn left and grab the Enviro Tank in the corner.
Turn 180 degrees immediately and be ready for another Cherub spawning. Kill it
quickly, and head to where it spawned. To the left is the stairs and the door
out! Enter it and the Marine will remove his helmet and you're home free.

Enter the Room, turn left and head up the stairs infront of you, turn right
and head up the next stairs. Instead of taking the last stairs, head to the
right of them and grab the Armor Shardes, before climbing the stairs. There is
two Med Kits here, grab them if you need them, and then Cycle The Airlock.
Enter and Exit the level by clicking on the panel on the wall.

* Level 06: Erebus Station [3EST] *

You'll start with a Bang. As you exit the door, you'll find yourself on the
Surface, the air quickly draining. Turn left and then turn right, run forward
and two Cacodemons will spawn! Take care of them quickly and head forward til
you reach the small stairs infront of you. Run to the Right, grab the
Air Canister, turn around and follow the fenced part. You'll reach a Ladder and
another Air Canister, so grab it and climb the Ladder. Follow the path, and two
Vulgar will spawn. Take care of the one to your left first, and follow the path
to the end to find Med Kit and Air Canister. Now things will become seriously
hard. One Cacodemon and three or four Vulgars will spawn, all intent on killing
you. There's no tactic here. Time is incredibly short, improve your odds by
activating Slow Down, and head past all the mobs, down the stairs, turn left,
and you should soon see the Air Cycler. Hopefully your air will hold, if not
there is another Air Canister to the left of you, but a Vulgar will spawn right
infront of it. You'll end up wasting more time. Run for your life to the Air
Cycler and Enter it.

Finally, a friendly face! There's a mechanic looking at a defect Sentry, and
he'll chat a little. To the left of you, there's some Med Kits which you can
grab. Walk towards the door and you'll get a new Objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Phobos Labs
1: Sentry Bot - Find the Sentry Bot in the Maintenance Tunnels

To your left you'll find a body and some Armor Shards. Head up the stairs and
go into the room. As you try to go down the stairs, it will fall down. Jump
down and two Vulgars will spawn. Take them out with the grabber to save some
of the ammo you used in the Sewers. Grab the clip by the door, look to the left
and you'll see Shells. Enter the door, and a Vulgar will soon appear. Take him
out, and continue forward, and the room will go dark and two Zombies will head
towards you. Kill them both. To the right of the door there's an opening with
some Armor Shards, to the left there's a Hanging Body. Enter the door and a
Fat Zombie will appear, so kill him. Step more into the room and a Vulgar will
spawn on the lower level, but he'll quickly come up to where you are so take
care of him. Head down the stairs, turn right an head down the second pair of
stairs and take the door to the right. Kill the Zombie here, head down the
stairs and walk carefully. The place is a trap. slowly walk toward the PDA, and
look to your left. You'll see a Zombie hiding and waiting for you. Kill it
before grabbing the PDA, and immediately turn around, killing the Vulgar that
spawns. So much for that trap! Grab the clip and the Med Kit if you need it in
the Ammo Box. Check the PDA, and it will reveal a Storage Cabinet Code, 134!
Head back up to the door you came from, open it and kill the vulgar inside,
just to be safe that it won't be able to surprise you. Turn around and head to
the Armory Door and Scan the Security Clearance, and you'll be able to enter.
Use the Health Station if you need, and unlock the two Storage Cabinets. There
is a lot of snacks here. Grab the Two Ammo Belt and the Clip from 034 and the
Shells, Bullets and the Armor Shard from 035.

Save your Game now that it's nice and quiet, because things will soon go from
good to bad. Head out of the Armory, and then out the other door you killed the
Vulgar in. Up the first stairs, and then head into the Door. As you walk
towards the locked door, a Vulgar will spawn behind you, so take it out fast
and then you'll face your first Revenant coming from the locked door. Use the
Double Barreled Shotgun to kill him in one shot. If you are hurt, head back to
the Armory and refill your health. Head back to the locked door with the Panel
on the Wall, and open it.

You might want to save again, at least a Quick Save. The next part is really,
really hard. It's also hard to write a good guide through this area, since it's
mostly constantly dark, only lit up by the Sentrybot and your own Flashlight.
Tons of monsters will spawn, so stay close to the Sentrybot, and help him out
by taking out some of the monsters. It's for your own good ;) Eventually you
will reach the end, and you can grab the goodies that wait for you and refill
your health. Head into the small room and climb the ladder. Follow the only
way through the shaft until you reach a disgusting looking room. The Objective
will be complete. Now, save your game. There's no question here, because when
you head over to the Monorail Control, you'll encounter the Second Boss!


The Second Hunter is a whole different game than the first one. He is fast and
hits really hard. To kill him, you'll need to attack the Orange Glowing Ball in
his Chest. Use the Slow Down Time Ability to make him as agile as a Turtle, and
unload your Chaingun into the ball. After some damage he will change and start
throwing fireballs at you. Dodge them and he will change back to hunting you,
so just repeat the procedure until he is dead. Easier said than done though,
he is hard until you can get the timings right.


After defeating the Second Hunter you'll get the Artifact's second Powerup,
The Berserk! This will increase your damage four times, making even simple
weapons like the fists into lethal weapons! Anyway, don't waste the Charges on
Petty monsters, there will be lots of tough areas to come, and having a fully
charged Artifact will come handy.

Another thing before you move on. I've noticed that many ask how you use the
different powers of the Artifact, so I'll clear it up now. All the Current
Powers you have gained will be activated at once when you use the Artifact.
That means, when you have the first two powers, both Slow Down time and Berserk
will be activated at the same time.

Anyway, back to the room you are standing in. A Monorail have appeared, so just
head into it and go to the front and click on the panel to exit the level!

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