Guide full|Hướng dẫn Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil|Part2


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* Level 07: Phobos Labs [3PLA] *
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After arriving at the Phobos Labs, Dr. McNeil will update you on your next

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Activate Teleporter - Find and activate the Phobos Labs
Experimental Teleporter

Head out the door, and grab the Med Kit and Bullets near the body. Turn to the
left and head towards the rail. There's a ladder there, so descend it and
follow the path to find the Rocket Launcher! There's only five Rockets, but it
sure is sweet anyway! Climb up the nearest ladder, and head to the stacks of
boxes under the stairs. There are some Armor Shards on them, to reach them you
have to jump up on the boxes and crouch. After grabbing them, crawl back out
and head up the stairs. There's two bodies on the second floor, and you'll
find A Shotgun, Shells, Machine Gun and Clips by them. Now head up the last
stairs and into the door. The room will grow unpleasantly dark, but lighten up
again. So head up the stairs and into the next Door. A Commando Zombie will
run towards you! Pump him full of lead before he can hit you with his tentacle
and continue forward. Two Z-Secs will be waiting for you, so lead one of them
back to the door out of sight for the other, and then hunt down the second.
Head up where the second was standing, and refill your health. Grab the Ammo
on the floor before continuing into the next door. It's Prickshot Time! Two
Zombies will stagger toward you, so equip the pistol and take your time with
them. When you explore the room they came from, another Zombie will appear, and
he brought his Vulgar friend with him. Take them both out and refill any lost
health at the Health Station. Back into the room where the Zombies appeared,
and take the next door. Descend the Stairs and a Vulgar will appear, kill him
quickly before he can do any damage.

Open the Double Doors at the bottom, and look to the right. A Fat Zombie will
come after you, so end his suffering. There's a big Med Kit to your right and
a body, and a elevator. Wait with the Elevator, and head further down into the
next door. A Chaingun Commando will appear, so kill him quickly before he can
damage you much. The Chaingun is extremly the ones one the wrong
side of the Barrel, so don't waste a second. Two Vulgars will also appear in
the room, so deal with it any way you like. Try heading down to the left, and
two Vulgar's will spawn behind you. They should be an easy fight by now.
When you get down to the SkyTram Station Door, turn left to face a UAC Wall.
To the left of it you'll find a Med Kit and Rockets. Go past the Skytram Door
and you'll find another door with an ID Scan. Ignore it for now, and up the
stairs behind you. There's Shells and Med Kits behind the Blue Crate. Enter
the only other open door in this room. A Tentacle Commando will run toward you
so get up close and personal with the Double Barreled. Ascend the stairs in the
gross room, and enter the door at the top.

There's a Med Kit and Clips to your left in case you need a refill. Head to the
right, and several Z-Sec's will storm the room. However, even if you are
outnumbered, you are never outgunned. Play it strategic, hide when they fire
constantly and rush them when they reload. There's also two zombies that comes
out from the back of the room, so after you have killed those, grabbed all the
ammo that is spread around in the room, head back into the back of the room
with the pipes. There's a Security Armor there, but as you get out to the main
part of the room, two Vulgar's will spawn. Kill them.

Head into the Double Doors at the end of the room, and you'll be surprised by
an old friend, Pinky! One blast with the Double Barrel and he's gone. Watch it
so that you're not bitten though. A Zombie will appear from the right as you
head for the next set of doors, so kill it.

Open the doors, and a Commando will see you. Back up and wait for him to open
the doors, and blast him. Two Z-Sec's will also wait for you when you enter,
so lure them back and kill them quickly. If you are hurt much, there's a
Med Kit and a clip to your left. There's some Bullets behind the box near the
right wall, and a Locked Door. By now, you have probably noticed a familiar
sight, the Teleporter! Head down the stairs, past the Teleporter and into the
Glass door. Hold on, things will become hairy. Grab the Rockets on the floor,
refill your health, and walk over to the MCS Uplink monitor.
Activate it, and Scan for Active Pads. There's only one choice right now,
so choose "Pad 1 Delta", and Hell will break loose. The Power will cut,
and a Hell Knight will appear by the Teleporter. Dr. McNeil will contact you
and inform you of your next objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Meet Dr. McNeil
1: Skytram - Take the SkyTram to the Phobos Labs Research Sector and
Rendezvouz with Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.

As you exit the door, you'll see a Chaingun Commando and a Revenant spawn.
Take them out, and refill your health quickly. Another Revenant comes for you,
so teach him a lesson. Walk towards the stairs, and another Revenant comes to
get you. Wait for him to get down the stairs, and quickly jump infront of him
and kill him with the Double Barreled.

Climb the stairs and turn to the left and take the now open door with the
broken monitor beside it. Kill the Zombie that appears on your left, and turn
to the right. Walk towards the opening, and you'll see two Vulgar's. One will
attack you, while the other will climb up somewhere..Stop the attacking Vulgar
and head into the room. Take the left turn and the other Vulgar will drop down
to attack you. He shouldn't last too long. Head further along the left turn
and two Z-Sec's will attack you, so kill them quickly before they can do too
much damage. Turn around and head to the right turn instead. There's a barrel
on the bridge, shoot it from a distance to safely pass. Watch out now.

A Revenant will appear, and should be eliminated as soon as possible. After he
is dead, turn around and kill the Vulgar that spawned on the left side. Then
turn back to the right side and kill the Zombies that comes around the corner.
Head through the door. Kill the Zombies and the Vulgar that attacks you, grab
the Armor Shards by the Barrels to the right, and look to the left. There's
Shells on the left Shelf and Med Kit on the right. Use the Grabber to get the
Med Kit. There's also a Storage Cabinet here, but you don't have the code..
So head to the double doors at the end of the room, and kill the Pinky who
attacks you.

Crouch down into the whole on the ground and head forward, and then left. A
body will fall down and you'll hear a monster growl. It's safe in the room
however, so climb up and enjoy the goodies. There's a Clip, Ammo Belt, PDA,
ID Card, Rockets AND a Full Health Station. Now talk about Bonus!

Anyway, climb down into the hole again and back into the room where Pinky
appeared. Then, go back into the room with the Storage locker, and enter code
714 to get Shells and Ammo Belt!

Head back into the hole in the Pinky Room, and back up into the small room.
Exit it to find the Elevator to the Lobby, so take it. When you get out of the
Elevator, turn a sharp Left and open the door. Yuck. Don't stay around too long
because it's not a pretty sight. Turn around and head down the stairs to the
double doors. Something sure has happened here, because every room is gross.
Hold on to your guns, because a Hell Knight will suddenly appear! Fear not
though, activate a charge of the Artifact and kill him with ONE Single
Double Barreled Shotgun shot. Two Revenants will also join the party, but they
are no match to the might of the Ol' Trusty Double Barrel. If you didn't grab
it earlier, there's still a med kit by the giant door. Head down the stairs
to the left and scan your ID Card to open the door to the SkyTram. Take out the
Revenant, and enter the SkyTram. Activate it.

When the ride is over, your mission objective will be over, and you can head to
the right door, and open it. Click on the Panel to exit the level!

* Level 08: Phobos Labs 2 [3Pl2] *

Current Mission Objectives: Meet Dr. McNeil
1: Locate Dr. McNeil - Rendezvous with Dr. Elizabeth McNeil

The level starts with you getting your first objective. Head out of the
elevator, and look at the place. It's a mess, and you are forced to clean up.

Anyway, there's a med kit hiding behind some crates to the right, so if you
need it, make sure to grab it to be prepared for the things to come. Then,
head to the left part of the room. There's a Clip by the Central Desk and a
Body, and two more Med Kits by the grates to the left. Another Med Kit and some
Armor Shards hide behind another pair of Grates all the way to the left, but
you should only need the Armor Shards by now. There's only one door you can
go through at the moment, so enter the one with the Green Lit Panel. Enter the
Gallery to the right and experience a funny Camera Zoom Effect. Head behind
the Objects on Display to find a Security Armor and proceed out the door
and into the other door to your right. There's a Med Kit and a Body here too
by the way, but just keep them in mind.

When you enter the room, look to your right. Use the grabber to move the
Barrel, and you'll find a huge box of Shells and two Med Kits! Now turn back
and go through the Metal Detetctor. In front of you there are some Armor Shards
and a Body, and to the left there's currently the only available door, so go
through it. Take the right path and search thru the boothes. The first has
health, while the second has rockets. Head into the Conference Room and Grab
the PDA. The room will go dark, and you will be visited by two Revenants and
three Vulgar's. Tricky fight, but hang in there. There's alot of health on this
level to fix the damage. Head into the first and second Booth to refill your
health, this should be enough to get you on your feet again. Go back past the
conference room, and into the next booth where you will find Armor Shards and
a Ammo Belt. The next Booth contains another Med Kit, so you should grab that
one too unless you have very high health and feel safe.

Now as you try to exit the room, you will be introduced to the a very naughty
Monster, the Bruiser. Forget fighting clean with him, you won't be able to
survive long. Activate the Artifact, and kill him with one shot from the
Double Barrel. This is your best chance for survival, and it will also save
tons of firepower and health you normally would have used.

Also, after the Bruiser is dead, take your time to read the PDA you just found
because it has some quite funny e-mails in it, about Soda Consumption and
Naughty Internet Usage. Now, after you are done, head out to the room the
Bruiser appeared. Recharge your Artifact with the Soul and scan your Security
Clearance at the Research Sector B Door. Head down the stairs and to the right
you will see Dr. McNeil! After a cutscene, you will emerge back outside her
door and you will also have a new ID Card. Head past her room and into the one
to the right to find a Med Kit. Back out and to the right and follow the
corridor to the door at the end. Go through it and pick up the Ammo and any
Med Kits you might need, and go through the next door. Follow the path to the
left and grab the shells on the floor, then cycle the Air Lock to get outside.

When you get outside, kill the Forgotten that flies toward you and grab the
clips infront of you. Turn left and run towards the other Fenced area, and take
the left turn for an Air Canister. Follow the Fenced Area until you meet a
Revenant, quickly kill him with the Double Barrel, and run along the path,
up the stairs, kill the Forgotten that attacks you and Scan your ID card As
soon as possible on the door to the right. There's very little time and your
health will probably drop before you get inside safely.

Once inside, follow the route and climb the stairs upwards first. Grab the
Med Kit and then Execute the Emergency Shutdown at the Machine. You will get
a new mission objective from Dr. McNeil.

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Shutdown Research Power - Shutdown Research Auxiliary Power and reroute
it to the experimental teleporter


Head down the stairs and take the lower stairs this time. At the end of the
path a Revenant will show up, so quickly kill him any way you can. Two Vulgar
come from around the corner, so deal with them, and head around it to find
another Revenant. Once they are gone, you can relax and refill your health
completely at the Health Station. There's also a body there if you need it,
otherwise just proceed into the door. You will enter an outdoor area, and some
forgotten ones will attack you. Kill them quickly, and head back inside and
wait for your oxygen to recover fully. The more enemies you can kill this way,
the easier it will be to cross the outdoor area. Kill the Forgotten Souls and
the Cacodemon that appears outdoors, head back inside to regain your Oxygen
and your health. Finally, cross the Outdoor Area, but don't let your guard down
since two Vulgar's will attack you as soon as you get inside. Kill them both,
and head to the right to grab some Shells. Turn left and head into the door at
the end, and three Vulgar's will appear. Take them out one by one and enter the
room. Head into the door at the right, grab the ammo and refill your health and
open the door carefully. Five Z-Secs will rush the small room and attack you.
Back up carefully while you take out each one of them at close range with the
Double Barrel. This should easily solve the problem. Refill any lost health.
Enter the Room where the Z-Secs came from, and shrug at the sight of the dirty
bloody kitchen. I'm sure even the unopened cans of Soda would taste bad here.
Anyway, not much of interest apart from one thing, a new minigame! Head over to
the Martian Buddy-Blaster and play some if you like. It's nice to relax a
little bit after the blood and glory you've gone through now. When you have
rested and saved up some energy, you should get back into the action. Take this
opportunity to save the game though.

Turn to the right from the game, and face the door infront of you. You'll find
Armor Shards and a Ammo Belt. Exit the room and turn right, go down the stairs
and turn to the right. Two Z-Sec's will come attacking you, so deal with them
as soon as possible. There's a Clip and a Med Kit by the crates to your right,
make sure you grab them before continuing. Enter the next room and three other
Z-Secs will appear. Take them on, head past the door, grab the PDA, Bullets and
Shells. Enter the door you just passed and grab all the items in the small room
before moving on. You will get to a raised bridge, so check your PDA for a
Bridge Code. It's 281 by the way, so punch it in. Cross the newly extended
bridge and enter the small room. Three Z-Secs is guarding it, but they should
not be too hard. There's Med Kits on the floor, and best of all, you will find
the Plasma Rifle! This is a great weapon that works well against every monster
in the game, so take good care of it. On a Computerscreen behind you, you can
Activate the Lift, so push the button. On your way out of the room you'll see
a Z-Sec notice you, so cross the bridge and kill him and his two buddies that
gathers in the small room. Exit it and take right, and immediately turn left
and kill the Vulgar that appears from the Wall. As you go to investigate it,
another one spawns behind you, so quickly turn around and take him down. You
will find Shells and Cells in the room the Vulgar came from, so grab them.

Enter the next door and a Vulgar will be climbing on the walls, so kill it.
When you try to move forward another two Vulgars will attempt to surprise you
so give them a nice warm welcome. There are more surprises in this room, so as
you cross the corner to the left, activate the Artifact, because two Revenants
and two Vulgars will spawn. With the Artifact activated, you can easily kill
them. The Vulgars might spawn after the artifact is out, but don't worry, they
are easier once the Revenants are gone. Exit the door and recharge any lost
health at the Health Station before heading into the next door. Head out in the
middle of the room, and a Revenant will come from the door to your right. He
should not be a problem. Enter the doors he came from, and into the next set of
doubledoors. Grab the Armor and the Health, and then activate the lift.

Save your game.

Ride it to the lower level, grab all the nice Plasma Cells, and if you haven't
already, SAVE YOUR GAME. It would be a shame to do so much over again. You are
about to face the Third boss, and this time it's really hard. If you don't know
how to do it, it is very difficult. And even when you know how, it's no walk in
the park.

You have saved?

Proceed through the door to be taken into a cutscene which introduces the third
Hunter, and he sure looks the part.


To defeat the third Hunter, you should give him a taste of his own medicine.
Start out by equipping your grabber, and reflect the electric balls he throws
at you back at him. Stand on one of the elevated parts of the floor, don't
stand on the floor crates, since the Hunter will sometimes send a wave of
electricity through the floor. It really hurts, but you can avoid it totally by
standing on the parts with pillars. Now, after you have reflected his electric
balls a couple of time, he will head into the center and really charge himself
up. This is your cue. Quickly equip the Artifact, activate a charge and equip
the Double Barrel. Head to one of the Pillars with a Green Computer Screen and
click on it to open up the core of the pillar. With a Direct Hit from the
Double Barrel and under the influence of Berserk, you should be able to destroy
the Core in one hit, Max two. The Hunter will still continue to fire at you so
be on your guard. When the Pillar is destroyed, the Hunter will return to
his normal mode, so repeat the procedure by reflecting the Electric Balls and
then destroy another core. When you have destroyed the three cores, he will
return to normal, so just reflect his Electric Balls a few more times and he
will finally die, granting you the the final upgrade for the Artifact,

There are a lot of bodies to recharge your artifact under the floor, step on
a floor plate on one of the sides to be taken down. There are also health and
bodies there, so grab what you need but crouch while you are down there to
avoid being damaged(Contributed by chipz88)


After you defeat him, grab the rest of the remaining items, recharge your
Artifact and head out the door you came from. Save your game and step on the
lift to be taken to another door. There's a Clip and a Med Kit there by a body
so grab what you can and proceed to the next door. React quickly, because a
Revenant will spawn and fire at you with his nasty rockets. Pick up the Armor
Shards by the Body and the big pack of Shells. Head into the path where the
Revenant spawned and go through the two doors. You'll now be in the Control
Room you passed while heading through the Metal Detector. Recharge your health,
grab the Plasma Cells and the PDA, and finally Open the Locked Door. A Bruiser
will spawn and determined make his way to the room you are in. There's only one
way to beat him now. Wait til you see him coming to the two doors you are
standing behind, then activate your Artifact, pull up your double barrel and
one shot kill him. Now immediately run to the place where he spawned, because
another Bruiser will spawn, so if you are quick enough you'll manage both one
on soul.

Pass through the Metal Detector and into the next room, and a Revenant will
spawn and come after you. Kill it and head past the Gallery into the other
door. Two Revenants will spawn, so take them out as good as you can. You will
also see a nasty looking Bruiser rampaging the place, so activate your
Artifact and kill him.

Head to the Bay Door that now has a Green Panel, and open it. Enter it and
click on the Panel to Exit the Level.

* Level 09: Phobos Labs 3 [3Pl3] *

Start the level by exiting the Door, and head into the only open SkyTram.
Activate it and enjoy the short ride, and you'll soon arrive your next location
the Reactor Operations.

You will receive a new Mission Objective:

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Shutdown Reactor - Shutdown the Phobos Labs Main Reactor

Grab the Bullet and the Med Kit by the Body if you need it, charge up your
Artifact and head into either of the two doors. Three Zombies will stagger
towards you, so take your time with them. Head up the small set of stairs and
kill the Zombie that attacks you. To the right there are some Armor Shards
under the raised floor, so crouch under to get them. Enter the room to your
left to find it filled with Plasma Cells! There's a Zombie here too, but don't
let him stop you from getting the goodies in the room. Grab the Plasma Cells
and recharge your Health. Head out the door and kill the two Vulgars and the
Revenant that comes out from the door infront of you. Head up the stairs, go
to the left and enter the Door. There are some Armor Shards to the right of
you behind a barrel. When you have found them, and then enter the door. You'll
see a mighty impressive reactor! Be aware. This place will be crawling with
Forgotten Ones and Cacodemons soon, so have your Rapid Fire Weapons Ready.

You'll first face a Cacodemon and two Forgotten ones. Take them out with your
Machine gun, since they are easy. Proceed further on, and you'll face another
Cacodemon. Head to the Lift, and take it down. You'll now face another
Cacodemon and then a Forgotten one. Continue to take them down with your
Machine Gun, and save the heavy guns to later mobs. You *will* need it.
Proceed along the rail, and another Cacodemon and Forgotten will spawn. Head to
the lift and take it down. Enter the door at the end of the rail.

There's a clip, Ammo Belt and a Health Station in this room, so take what you
need first and then head towards the ladder. Don't climb it down yet, there's a
Zombie down there. Toss a few Grenades down to kill it, then climb down. Follow
the rail and climb down another Ladder, and then look for the next ladder and
descend it slowly. A Zombie will appear, so climb up and kill it with grenades.
Climb down, grab the PDA and the Reactor Key on the desk and the Security Armor
in the corner. Turn around and call the lift and ride it up. Kill the Vulgar
that appears in the other side of the room and enter the door to head back to
the Generator. Head to the right and rife the lift up. Two Cacodemons and three
Forgotten Ones will spawn from the Generator Core, so take them out one by one
and head to the next lift. Another Cacodemon and three more Forgotten ones will
spawn, so deal with them. Ride the lift up and a Cacodemon and two Forgotten
Ones will spawn from the core. Now head to the right, and scan the ID card on
the Panel by the door to open it. There's a Storage Cabinet here, a Body,
A full health station, and the computer to shut down the reactor. First, open
the Storage Cabinet with Code 492 and grab the goods. Secondly, refill your
health if it's low. Then, Shutdown the Reactor.

You will receive a new Mission Objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Life Support Systems - Shutdown Phobos Labs Life Support Systems

Head out of the room, and you'll find the might Reactor down. Too bad, it was
really sweet. Anyway, activate the bridge from the machine infront of you and
turn to the right and run over the bridge and to the door. Two Z-Sec's will be
waiting for you, kill them as soon as you can and follow the path into the
room. Don't take the elevator yet, to the right of it there's some Armor Shards
and some additional Ammo. Grab what you need, save and use the lift.
As soon as it goes down, activate the artifact, because things will become hot.
Take out all the enemies down in the room with the Shotgun while you are
affected by the Artifact. There are something like five Revenants and one Pinky
and the room is almost pitch dark, so this IS hard.

When you are done, head out the door. The next part does not help one bit. It's
another hectic chase after the Sentry Bot in the total darkness, and with your
probably low Health, this is worse than the first time. Hopefully you'll make
it to the other side, so head to the Elevator and enter it.
Head for the Airlock location. Exit the Elevator, refill your Plasma Ammo if
needed and charge your Artifact with the body. Then, cycle the airlock and
get ready...another outdoor sprint.

There's a body to your right, if you feel you have the time then charge it.
Otherwise then just follow the path, grabbing the Air Canister before going
down the two ladders and into the Air Cycler. Don't relax, because as soon as
the door opens, you are being attacked by two Z-Sec's. Kill them off fast, or
you might have a problem surviving. When you have taken them out, recharge your
health completely at the Health Station and save your game. Head down the
stairs, turn around and crouch under the platform to grab some Armor Shards and
a Ammo Belt. Then, head to the Elevator, and ride it to the Cargo Tunnels.

Exit the Elevator, turn left and head to the door. This doesn't look good.
Release the Shutter Seals to get some light in the room. A Hell Knight and a
Revenant will appear, take them out the best way you can. You can kill the
Hell knight by returning his fireballs at him. Enter the next room, and prepare
for another encounter with a Revenant and a Hell Knight. For a change, take up
your Rocket Launcher and let them have it. After those two are dead, ANOTHER
pair shows up. Take them out any way you can. I recommend killing the Revenant
with the Double Barrel, and then returning four-five fireballs at the
Hell knight once you get him into the long corridor. Follow the path and enter
the door at the end, and Pinky will scare you half to death. Quickly kill it,
your health can most likely not take much more. There's Plasma Ammo in the
corner of the room, and Armor Shards and Rockets infront of the small stairs.
Head up the stairs, kill the Revenant that appears and grab the Med Kit and
Shells on the side. Two Z-Sec's will make everything harder than it should be,
so kill them quickly. As you get to the Ladder, a Vulgar will fall down and
attack you. Hard to not get damage, but do your best. Climb the ladder and
enter the door, turn left and head straight forward past the barrels and into
the door to the left. Recharge your health and Shutdown the Lifesupport by the

You will get a new Objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Experimental Teleporter - Take the Skywalk to the Phobos Labs
Experimental Teleporter

Exit the door and head to the right, not back to the ladder. You will reach a
door called Skywalk in the end, so enter it and run through the nice looking
corridor into the other door. Open the Bay door and click on the Screen
to exit this long and hard level!

* Level 10: Phobos Labs 1 [3Pl1] *

Exit the Elevator, and Dr. McNeil will contact you over the Radio, about the
whole place freaking out. Things are looking worse by the minute.

You get a new Objective.

Current Mission Objectives: Experimental Teleporter
1: Experimental Teleporter - Make your way to Delta Labs via
the Experimental Teleporter

There's two boxes of shells to your left, and a body. There's also another body
near the door, so charge up your Artifact and prepare to head through the door.
Two Z-Secs and two Vulgars will soon come and attack you, so deal with the
two Z'Secs first and then play it as normal with the Vulgars. There's Plasma
Cells, Rockets and a Body infront of you, so grab what you need and head up
the stairs and into the door. The next room contains goodies, so first head
to the left, up the stairs and turn right to find Two clips, Rockets and a
Med Kit. Head back down to find Armor Shards, A PDA, Body and two Ammo Belts.
The PDA also contains a Voice Mail, so enjoy it for a change.

Head through the door the right, turn left and find Clip near the Body. Climb
down either ladder by the Tram to find the BFG!

Climb up, and head to the stairs. To the right of them there's a Ammo Belt
and a Med Kit behind some boxes, use the grabber if you need it. There is only
one way to go, into the red room to your right, so head over there. A Bruiser
will spawn infront of you, so activate Artifact, and kill him with one
shot from the Double Barrel. Quickly head left and another Bruiser will spawn
so kill him too while the effect lasts. Grab some Armor Shards by the stairs
and the Cells if you need and proceed forward, and another Bruiser spawns.
Use another charge of the Artifact and kill him. Head forward, and look behind
the two stacks of boxes. One has a Med Kit and a Ammo Belt, the other has a
body, Security Armor and Med Kit. Head back and turn right, the three boxes
by the wall has rockets nearby. Now head up the stairs and enter the door.
Four Z-Sec's will attack you from the room, so try to fight them one at a time
by pulling them back. After they are dead, head down the stairs, turn right
and look behind the crates for clip, Med Kits and a Body. Proceed forward
and you will meet one of the worst monsters if not taken out quickly, the
Arch-Vile. First of all, he has a Ground Flame Attack that hurts ALOT, and
secondly he can summon monsters! So activate the Artifact and kill him with
the double barrel before he can do much damage. When he is dead, back up to
refill some health with any med kits on the ground. Head forward, and activate
the Artifact if you like, because Two Revenants, one Z-Sec and three Vulgars
will spawn! My personal preference in this battle is to face them head on with
the Double Barrel, as it will kill each one with one hit. After they are dead
head forward to find Armor Shards and a Body. You should recognize this place!
There's only one way to go now, and that's the huge door that now is lit up,
so enter it, and quickly activate the Artifact, because a Bruiser spawns.
Do him good.

There are Shells and a Med kit to your left as you enter the room, Armor
Shards behind the crate to your right, A body to your left, Ammo Belt to
the right, and then head up the stairs. A med kit is in sight, but when you
get too close a Z-Sec will attack you from up on the stairs, so kill him.
Climb the stairs and two new Z-Sec's will come running, so deal with them any
way you want. Two Wraiths will spawn(The Teleporting Creeps) so use the
method I recommended in the Monster Part to take them out with no health lost.
(Basicly, kill them just as they are about to appear after teleporting).
Follow the path and turn left to see another Arch-Vile spawn! This time you
are at a serious disadvantage, do NOT take him head on. He'll use his flame
attack, so run back around the corner, wait a few secs and activate the
artifact. Now jump out of the corner and kill him good when he's unprepared.
Follow the path to the end and you will find Security Armor and Rockets. Head
back and three Wraiths will spawn after each other. Deal with them the safe
way and follow the path but turn left. You'll find a small cross shaped room,
so grab what you need in there, and head through the door to find the
Teleporter! A Revenant will spawn to your left and a Bruiser down at the
Teleport, so kill the Revenant first, and then try to head down the stairs.
Three Revenants will spawn after each other, so wait til they come up the
stairs and deal with them before taking on the Bruiser. If you need health,
there is a Med Kit by the Crate near the door you came in.
Activate the Artifact and kill the Bruiser. Head into the Control Room past
the Teleport, grab the Body, Shells and Grenades, refill health and save.
Scan for Active Pads, and a Bruiser will spawn by the Teleporter. Choose
PAD 1 Delta and activate the Artifact before you head out the door, and kill
the Bruiser, and run to the Teleporter and click it to exit the level!

* Level 11: Delta Labs - Unknown [3DLU] *

The start of this level is hard. Very hard. A Flaming Zombie will be to your
left, so kill him quickly. A Revenant will spawn and come to your left, take
him out. A Hell Knight will also spawn here, and several Forgotten Ones at
the same time. Do your best, activate the Artifact and just stay alive. It is
really hard. There are some cells and health by the control panel to your right
so grab what you need.
Two Packs of Rockets lie beneath a crushed man past the Teleporter, grab them
and and head along the path. Grab the Med Kits, Shells and Plasma Cells on the
floor before heading out the door. Pass the small room and head up the stairs
and a Revenant and two Skinny Zombies will come and get you. Kill them quickly
before they can take your health. You will need every inch of it. Head up the
stairs and a Burning Zombie comes toward you, so drop him. Head behind the
crates to find some Shells and Rockets, and then head out the door to the
left of the stairs you just climbed. Two Skinny Zombies will come after you
so kill them fast and enter the next door. A Hell Knight will appear to your
far left, so back up and let it come for you. Activate the Artifact and kill
him, back up into the room with the skeletons. A Revenant and a few Forgotten
ones will also appear in the room where the Hell Knight where, so try to
take them out as good as you can by luring them through doors. Finally, head
into the weird yellow effect near where the Hell Knight appeared.

You'll get teleported to another location in the Delta Labs, so when you arrive
quickly kill the burning zombie that comes! Also, recharge the artifact with
the body here. A Revenant and two Vulgar's will come, so quickly take them
out, your health can be a concern now so play it smart but brutal. Take the
left path, and enter the door for some much needed refill with Health and
Ammo! It's a good idea to save now. Head out the door and into the door at your
left. Charge your Artifact with the Body and grab the BFG Cell. Enter the
next door, two zombies will come from the left, take them out and go over to
where they came from and look behind some boxes for Plasma Cells and BFG Cells.
Go back to the entrance, and a Flaming Zombie will come from the stairs, a
Revenant will spawn close to you and another Zombie comes from your left. Kill
them quickly, the Double Barrel is the number one weapon here. Head down
the stairs, charge the Artifact with the Body and grab the shells, head back up
and turn right and enter the door with the Green Panel. A Whole bunch of
spiders will crawl toward you, and a Revenant will spawn by the door you came
out from. Try to use the grabber on the Spiders and kill the Revenant with your
preferred method. In the corner where the spiders came from there are Shells,
Med Kit and Plasma Cells. Enter the opening, and you'll see another weird
yellow effect, but three forgotten ones spawn so take them out first. Enter
the Weird Yellow Thing and you'll end up at another location. Charge your
Artifact with the body, and head behind the three computers to find
Two Med Kits and a BFG Cell! Saving your game is recommended, hopefully you
are now close to 100 Health. Take out your artifact and head into the opening
and a Hell Knight will spawn behind you. Quickly activate the artifact and kill
him before he can take away your nice new health. When he is dead, head back
down into the opening, and you'll meet a skinny Zombie to your right. Any way
he dies is a good way. He also leaves some nice shells in the room he came from
so don't feel guilty for taking them.

Follow the path until you reach the bigger room, and a Hell Knight will spawn
so back off, activate the Artifact and kill him safely. Now, head into the
kitchen, grab the PDA, recharge the artifact, grab Clips, Ammo Belt and
Health if you need it. The PDA only contains one mail, but it has the code to a
Storage Container! 634 is the code. Head along the path, take a right to grab
Rockets and Armor Shards, and head around the midsection to find a body and
some more Rockets. Only one door to go through so head through the one with
the green light. A Flaming zombie will see you, but he should not be able to
reach you before he's long gone. Head towards the operation table, and two
Vulgars will spawn. Kill them, and grab a Med Kit on the shelf if you need.
Take the left turn to find two Storage Lockers! Punch in the code you just got
and grab the delicious content.

Turn around and head straight forward, turn left and crouch under the flames
and the pipes. You'll hear a Zombie moaning and groaning, but he is on the
second floor, so don't worry about him. However, as you enter the room, a
Hell Knight and two Vulgar's will spawn, but a quick tap at the Artifact should
even the odds against them. After they are dead, locate the other door in here
and go through it. There are spiders in here, the first ones to your right.
Throw them a grenade to take out a few of them, then hunt down the rest. If
you get hurt, then backtrack to the place with the two lockers and the Med Kit
on the shelves by the operation table, and grab one if there's still any left.

Then, head back to the room where the spiders were and enter the door to your
left. To your right there are three Zombies, kill them. To your left there are
some Plasma Cells and a Med Kit! Now, head onto the lift and ride it up.

Recharge your Artifact with the body and enter the next door. Turn left, and
immediately turn left and throw a few grenades at the group of zombies while
backing up. Another zombie is to your left/infront of you, so let him have it
too. This should save some ammo and let you get away free. Head over to the
Control Center by the wall infront of you, and you will find a Security Armor.
Then, head past the Machine and into the small opening to find a door, enter it
and a Vulgar will come crawling. Kill it, follow the path and enter the next
door. To your left there is a small opening with some clips. As you proceed
into the room, two Revenants will spawn. If you want to play it safe, activate
the Artifact and take them out with minimal damage. There's now only one place
to go, and that's into McNeil's room, where you'll find another Yellow Effect,
which teleports you to a new location, the Main Teleporter.

Head up the stairs and grab the med kit to the left and approach the teleporter
to exit the level and enter Hell.

* Level 12: Hell [3HEL] *

This is it. The last place you wanted to go. Hell sure is looking hot today,
but you're packing so heat it up some more.

First, charge your artifact with the two bodies. Walk forward and Two
Cacodemons will spawn behind you. Let them have it! Turn back forward and
you will face two Wraiths, kill them. Then a Hell Knight Spawns, so either
use your Artifact or reflect his fireballs. After he is dead, three crappy
Cherubs will spawn, so take them out quickly! Phew. Proceed forward. Climb the
stones to your left to reach a Med Kit, head back to the main path. Some
Rockets will be waiting for at the right by the stones, to take them too if
you need them. Then head into the opening and proceed forward. Three
spiders will drop so take them out with the grabber to save ammo. Enter the
opening, and three Forgotten Ones will come after you. Take them down. Two
Cacodemons will come from the big room, so kill them as soon as possible, and
more monsters will come. Six Forgotten Ones will make their way toward you,
back up and take them out quickly. A Vulgar will also spawn in the room when
you enter it, but he should not be a problem. To the right there is a body you
can use to recharge your artifact. After that, follow the path to the Broken
Metal Gate and head past it. Two Hell Imps will come out from the darkness, so
kill them both, grabber is just as effective as anything else.
Take the right turn, and head towards the Fire pillar. Two Cherubs will spawn
so kill them both, and then grab the Ammo Belt, Med Kits and BFG Cell.

Save your game. The next place can be extremly hard depending on how many
bodies you have left and how much ammo you have. Several Hell Knights,
Hell Imps and Mancubus will spawn constantly, and you have to kill every last
of them in this small place. Use the Artifact and your Double Barrel to hunt
them down, or if you see several of them, consider using the BFG. Do not waste
BFG Ammo though, you'll need it so badly later on. There are some bodies you
can recharge your artifact with here too.

When you have finally taken everyone down, head into the green pillar. Grab
the Med kit on the floor, and proceed forward. A Forgotten will appear, but
he is piece of cake now. You'll come to an Intersection, Take the left to
reach a body to recharge your artifact with and watch out for the Forgotten
that tries to surprise you. Then head back and take the right, and several
Forgotten Ones will spawn. Use any means necessary to kill them all. Head down
to the lava, jump on the rocks to grab Med Kits and Armor and jump to the other
side. Turn right and head up the stairs, and two Wraiths will spawn. Kill them
without getting hurt, and a Mancubus will spawn in the distance. Use a Long
Range Weapon like the Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle or the Chaingun to end his
ugly face. Head into the hallway he was standing in and turn right to find a
freaky looking door. Enter it and immediately back up since a Hell Knight is
waiting right behind the door. Either grab his Fireballs or use the Artifact
to kill him, I would recommend the first. Enter the door he was standing
behind and proceed into the hallway. As you round the corner, another Hell
Knight appears! Reflect his fireballs and save all the ammo you can. In the
small room there's Rockets to your left and Grenades to your right, use the
grabber to reach them since they are on some rocks. Proceed around the corner
and two Wraiths will spawn. Take them out the safe way and continue.
As you round the corner to the left, three Cacodemons will appear! Use any
means necessary and take them down before going on. Carefully walk along the
ledge to your right and then proceed to the stone bridge. Cross it and turn
right, and two Vulgars will climb up. Give them a taste of their own medicine
and proceed. There's a Ammo Belt hidden behind some rocks to the right of the
opening, so grab it if you need it.

Head into the opening, and two Vulgars will start throwing their fireballs at
you. Its hard to reflect it back where you are standing, so lure them back out
to where you fought the last two and kill them. Then proceed back into the
tunnel and past it.

You'll reach a freaky looking place with lots of powerups. First, continue to
the right to find a Body and Med Kit. Then, head down to the center of the
room, grabbing all the powerups you can pick up.

Save your game. Don't just make a Quick Save, Save it properly, because at the
green portal, you'll encounter the final boss, and he is HARD. VERY HARD.



This guy is hard. After the cutscene, immediately dodge his huge flame attack.
Then, activate your Artifact, because you will need it. Fighting this battle
without it is near, if not impossible. Luckily, The Maledict is vulnerable to
your conventional weapons, so the grabber is not needed. Equip the BFG, and
when you see Betruger in your sight, charge and fire the BFG repeatedly.
After a while, he will change attack pattern, and start raining firestones on
you. Hopefully you have some Artifact Charges left, because now is your chance.
Activate a charge, and head to his throne where he is now standing still.
Unload all your BFG cells into him until he starts flying again. Repeat the
procedure and try to swap to your Rocket Launcher after a while. When you have
hurt him enough and you swap to your Rocket Launcher, a Cutscene will play..


The Game is over, you have done it. You stopped Hell once more. The Short but
Almost Enigmatic Ending raises a few questions, so spend a few minutes enjoying
your sweet victory while thinking about the ending and enjoying the music.

Now try the game on a harder difficulty if you dare...This walkthrough will
still help you but it will be tougher.

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